migrate to another VPS

Hi, Everybody

away from here for quite a while, so I am Yii dummy now.

I am moving a small site (Yii 1.1.10) to another VPS as-is.

seems everything working at first till i click on any controller … i got this page not found.

.htaccess setting etc. all seems good.

anybody could kindly give me a clue?


Make sure mod_rewrite is enabled.

Thanks, Keith.

yes, i did enable rewrite, here:


IncludeOptional mods-enabled/*.load


figured it out.

in case anyone has the similar issue. beside Keith’s suggestion of checking if rewrite enabled in apache2.

here is what i have done:

  1. re-install php5, apache2;

  2. in config for the site, make sure: AllowOverride FileInfo Options instead of None;

  3. clean up Yii assets folder;

  4. re-start apache2, works!