migrate from local to server

Hello i am newbie to Yii framework.

i have configured(installed successfully) on my WAMP in Local and is working fine.

when i uploaded it to my server, it doesn’t work, i have edited only “config/db.php” as per requirement.

Now i brows to my webpage that is "www.office.lnjcollege.in" the login page appeared by placing username and password… but after clicking on login option it says that "the webpage is not available" or "err_empty_response".

one can check by username-"admin" and password-"admin".

note:- while i run "office.lnjcollege.in/edusec-requirements.php" then it says "Conclusion

Congratulations! Your server configuration satisfies all requirements"

but when i run

"office.lnjcollege.in/requirements.php" it says "Conclusion-

Your server configuration satisfies the minimum requirements by this application.

Please pay attention to the warnings listed below and check if your application will use the corresponding features.

please assist with the suitable suggestions.

thank you

Check what’s in runtime/logs.

I am also new to yii, but had it up and running, and tested on a host already. Follow this guide in which yii is similar, even on local development set it up like this, the guide is a laravel, but yii is so similar in setup


The folder web goes in htdocs everything else goes above htdocs EVERYTHING ELSE.

The index.php file will be like:


defined('DS') || define('DS', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);

// comment out the following two lines when deployed to production

defined('YII_DEBUG') or define('YII_DEBUG', true);

defined('YII_ENV') or define('YII_ENV', 'dev');

require __DIR__ . '/../../yii2up/vendor/autoload.php';

require __DIR__ . '/../../yii2up/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/Yii.php';

define('DIR', DS . 'yii2' . DS);  //ignore this line, for me only

$config = require(__DIR__ . '/../../yii2up/config/web.php');

(new yii\web\Application($config))->run();

Notice the /&#46;&#46;/&#46;&#46;/

You have to learn how to resolve paths correctly prior to anything, in order to get things working correctly.

Been using laravel since ver 4.1, recently 5.5, I am playing with yii to see what it has to offer. So far and in my opinion, laravel, cakephp, nova, and yii are all so similar.

Which are the warnings you got while running



Windows is case insensitive. If your server is a LAMP probably is a bad case naming somewhere