message/extract takes long time

I have Yii2 basic application and it takes long time to start execute yii message/extract command. Is there something wrong? or it is like this as usual?

I have three locales messages folder, ar, fr and de.

Have you configured it so it is scanning your application code only?

I don’t know exactly but the following is a copy of app/config/i18n.php:

return [

    'color' => null,

    'interactive' => true,

    'sourcePath' => dirname(__dir__),

    'messagePath' =>  dirname(__dir__). DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'messages',

    'languages' => ['ar','es','de'],

    'translator' => 'Yii::t',

    'sort' => false,

    'overwrite' => true,

    'removeUnused' => false,

    'markUnused' => true,

    'except' => [










    'only' => [



    'format' => 'php',

    'db' => 'db',

    'sourceMessageTable' => '{{%source_message}}',

    'messageTable' => '{{%message}}',

    'catalog' => 'messages',

    'ignoreCategories' => [],


Try adding vendor to except list.

Wow! after adding /vendor to the except list, also I added /web, it worked as a bullet shot! thanks.