Message after deleting in gridview

hi everyone,

i want to display a message after doing the action of delete in gridview. i explain :

the default delete button in grid view do the gridview refresh automaticly, so i want to add success message (for example displaying a div that contain the success mesage) when delete is done.

how can i do that ?

I thought of doing a costum button that do the delete, but i’m not so brve in ajax in yii :P , so if you have any idea i’ll be glad to hear it ! xD

You can use the afterDelete property -

Thanx so much !

But is this new ? i mean it’s released with new version of yii1.1.8 ? because i does’n exit before, or i didn’t see that :huh:

It was added at version 1.1.7 (you can check the changelog for this info)

Nice stuff… work very well. Thank for info. XD