Menu Operations

Hi ppl,

In the Menu Operations i want change:

  1. The name of the menu that appears in the view. Example: change Operations to Actions.

  2. Can i put (inner the menu items) a html label like <hr> to separate the items. Or any other type of line that make the work.

This is it all, in advance thanks for the help.

in CMenu the way the rendering works is to create a <UL><LI></LI></UL> with nested children, then is with the use of CSS that you change its default display. I recommend you to make use of CSS to include a ‘separator’ line. If you wish to do something different than default, then extend CMenu to what you want or make use of one of the good extensions in the repository.


Go to views/layouts/column2.php and find next lines:

$this->beginWidget('zii.widgets.CPortlet', array(

    'title'=>'Your title here',


Just add to items:

array('label'=>'Item 1', 'url'=>array('...')),


array('label'=>'Item2', 'url'=>array('...')),

But since all labels are encoded by default, you’ll need to disable this.

Also all menu items without ‘url’ specified are surrounded with <span></span> tags, what doesn’t make this solution perfect…

Thanks guys, that really helps