Menu management - idea


I would like to create two modules. One for displays pages (they are in database) and the second one for gallery.

Now I would like to create some kind of menu builder and allow users to change items on the main menu. They should be able to choose the position on each pages on website. The problem is that I have the list of pages is in one table in database (I can use IDs to connect them) but there is also the table with galeries (it has also a list of galleries). The question is: how to design this kind of functionality in yii? People should add the exact URL of page/gallery to the menu and it will be stoded in database? Is it the only solution?

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Here is the menu management extension i use, it support unlimited subcategories:

Don’t forget to create the SQL table (sql file included)

Then go to http://localhost/?r=menu/index

Thank you, I will take a look at this