Menapro website builder

We are proud to announce the first stable version of MenaPRO. An open source website builder and content management system.

MenaPro is designed to build websites in less time with a professional look.

Available free at

Now there is available a demo online


- Option A: Download zip from

- Option B: Using [b]composer[/b]: composer create-project menaprocms/menapro menapro --prefer-dist

Source on GitHub: MenaPro cms master branch

[i]What is the difference with others cms?


[list=1][]Content thumbnails[]Autoinstaller[]Bootstrap grid (easily editable)[]Drag and drop[]1 Click items (Video, galleries, lists)[]No shortcodes[]Cache ready without third party plugins[]Fast page load[]Thumbnails auto-generation[]Css and Js minification. Thanks to Semenov Alexander[]Elinks[]Improved filemanager[]Everyone can use it.[]More features…[*]Themes[/list]

Some websites implementing MenaPRO

My Evention Group

Diseno y nudo

Bodas con glamour

We are fans of Yii since 2013 and we love it much more everyday! Thanks to all the Yii team for making a framework so easy and powerful.

Is it 1.1 or 2.0?

Yii 2

Nice. Is the source code located at GitHub or is it download only?

We are preparing the code to publish it on github so any one can contribute.

Looks interesting!

Do you know if it will work under nginx?


We use htaccess for link rewrite and to lock access to core files. Those are auto generated if they not exist. You can change it to adapt nginx, but Security supervisor will show warnings because htaccess does not match with the required.

We forgot to say that is a pleasure for us listen to your feedback. Also remember that MenaPro is not only a cms, it allows you handle easily the bootstrap grid without any knowledege of code.

MenaPro is now available on GitHub, you can find it on here.