memory usage

is there any way to decrease memory usage?

right know my application need 4-5Mb (it’s quite small application).

btw…is it possible to have minified version not merged in 1 file? i don’t use yiilite, coz hosting hasn’t apc, but common files have phpdoc inside, so more time to parse for php.

APC is not a requirement to use yiilite, as far as I know. It is a common saying in scalability that memory is so cheap now. You shouldn’t worry about 4-5 Mb.

i know that i don’t need apc for yiilite. but in case of yiilite php parse all 200kb(this ok with byte-code), but when library splited in files, not all of them loaded in same time, so without byte-code it will load faster.

well…4mb per request…hmmm…some hosting can tell that it’s alot. imagine 3 request per at same time.

Well, that’s 12-15 Mbs. Basecamp SQL server has 128 Gigabytes dedicated RAM and uses more than 100 Gigabytes only to cache query results.

I don’t think 12-15 Mbs would be unacceptable.

Yes, it is true, should concern too much about the RAM, the price of RAM is very low nowadays. May be you are talking at some shared hosting provider which has memory limitation, e.g VPS, or shared hosting.

Oh you youngsters and your disregard for bits! :)

In fact, of course, I completely agree with you. Let’s see, SliceHost 256MB $20/month. For a small business, 2GB @ $130/month is probably less than the coffee bill!

Sharpen your steel! ;)

What about a student? My hosting costs me approximately $60… per year! (Half gig shared host, MySQL is limited to 100mb. Please regret me. :P) Many of us can only live with affordable hosting.

yep, i pay about 80$ per year for sharing hosting. but i prefer local hosting due to lags and etc. i used usa hosting before, but…hmm…longer time to load and etc.

Just found that topic:

Packed version

well, result is:

non cleaned: ~5.3mb

cleaned: ~4.8mb

500Kb lesser + lesser time to parse/response. So…it’s ur choice. At least mine hosting has no APC support :(