Membership Website Help

Hello everybody!!

I’m extremely new to yii and trying to build a membership website with paypal and I have so many questions I would love for somebody that has already done this with or without aMember to show me how would be the easiest way to do this.

For example:

Do I use paypal buy now and a annual charge or monthly subscription charge?

How to set up a subscription(I know of paypal website has some good instructions) (Any other extension) and know when the user logs in if the subscription is due or not because its monthly?

What information should I store for working with membership websites?

Any working example I could take a look on so I can start with that because I just don’t feel confident of doing this from scratch?

Is it worth it to have aMember in your site and easy to use with different membership plans and how inside your site can you check which plan the user has?

Any database problems with aMember? Because I’m using mysql on my app and I have different membership limits so I need to know how to unite that.

Can you implement aMember and call information from yii framework like any other database?

If anyone needs more info on what I’m trying to achieve just let me know and we can talk.

Thanks for all of the help!

By the way I saw this post but I need more in depth info… Thanks!

Have a great day,