Membership sites

Anyone using Yii for a membership site? Do you guys roll your own membership site using Yii or use a 3rd party script?

I purchased aMember because it already has a lot of features built in and I figure it would be easier to integrate with my Yii app.

So far I have always rolled my own because the sites are not that big.

There might also be some security considerations needed to keep in mind when using third party services for authentication and authorization.

When you rolled your own, how did you handle payment and re-occurring subscriptions/billing?

Security could be an issue, but I do think it’s doable. Using aMember and Yii are both new to me, so it’s going to be a matter of how and where to best integrate and implement security.

I handled payments with paypal-like sites (with ‘submit’, ‘success’ and ‘error’ URLs). Re-occurring subscriptions were handled manually (with ‘generate new invoice’ button click).