Membership Management

This work-in-progress demo application helps sports clubs to manage their members and member subscriptions.

The application is built in PHP/MySQL Yii framework and demonstrates Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap framework, jQuery, JSON, User login, Member registration, Subscription management, CURD, Grid view, Search etc.

You could use the attached readme file to review this application. Your critical review comments are most welcome.

nice site.

Maybe the action icons in member list rows (edit, update, view payment) are a too small.

I clicked on "generate report" but nothing happens and after that, I could not navigate anywhere in the page :

Firebug console gives following error :

TypeError: $.jqote is not a function

Line 13



Hi Raoul,

Thank you very much for reviewing the app.

We have fixed the error that you have noted.

Icons are the default ones from Bootstrap and we will change these at a later point.




I i cant login using user : admin and password : 12345678, please give me user login and password.


great… looking good