Meetup @ 2013 Linuxtag

Perhaps a bit on short notice: I’ll attend this year’s Linuxtag in Berlin and couldn’t help but wonder if any other Yii afficionados will be there as well. If so, we could get a spontaneous meetup going. Any takers? CeBe?

In other news: The Travis CI folks are going to give away free coffee next thursday :D

If you’ll be at Travis meetup pass our hello and thanks to their team.

I don’t think I’ll make it to the Travis meetup. But if I should make it against all odds, I’ll surely pass your thanks ;)

Hm, last day and I’m still the only one? I must say, I’ve expected a bit more :mellow:

As far as Yii is concerned, I’ve spotted two interesting projects: One is the Open Source Compliance Advisor. It’s essentialy a small questionaire that helps you take the appropriate legal steps if you wish to include another library into your project.

The other one is Version Eye.This project’s goal is to help keeping track of the versions of or required bundled libraries and notify you if there are any outdated versions in your bundle. It already works for Yii 2 :)