I want to share in this forum the url of our new web application: Mecenize

Mecenize is the community where artists and location managers organize art events in places of everyday life. Obviously it’s based on Yii 2!

We have actually three applications:

  • a frontend web application, for artists and location managers;

  • a backend web application, for administrators;

  • a console application, for asynchronous jobs.

This is the full applications stack:

  • nginx as web server, with https certificates generated using Letsencrypt;

  • php 7 working as phpfpm daemon;

  • percona as database server;

  • redis for session/caching layer and for queues used by asynchronous jobs;

  • postfix as mail server for outgoing email.

Actually the stack is deployed into a single host vm. We choosed to work using docker containers for dev environment, and we decided to mantain this solution also in production, though it’s a single node.

Thanks for the great job of the community supporting Yii!



Site looks absolutely stunning - great work!