Meaning of [[xxxx]] and {{%xxxx}}

I have seen here, for example, things like:



public $itemTable = '{{%auth_item}}';

in comments and even in the code and I wonder what those symbols means.


First is used in comments to generate documentation with the proper linked item (see your example here )

Second is the way to write database table name so it will be automatically prefixed with the proper configured string.

Thanks for replying Bizley.

When you say "generate documentation" you mean PHPDoc, is that right?

And where do I setup the prefix for the database tables?

Thanks man

I’m not sure but I don’t think so. PhpDocs links are made with @link, at least the version I know.

This is for

As for the prefix - this is the parameter to set$tablePrefix-detail


the notation [[db]] is used by the yii2-apidoc extension to create links between the generated guide and the generated API Documentation.

Check the [size="2"]Yii2 Core framework code style.



Really appreciated guys!