masked input validation

Hi, i has a masked input like below.

$form->field($model, 'noic')->widget(MaskedInput::classname(), [

        'id' => 'noic',

        'name' => 'noic',

        'mask' => '999999-99-9999',

        'options' => [

            'class' => 'form-control',

            'readonly' => $readonly,



this is the rule for attribute noic

[['noic'], 'string', 'max' => 12, 'min' => 12],

On form submit, i remove the ‘-’ symbol from the value because i want only numbers.

My problem is client validation include the ‘-’ symbol for counting length for the value. So it wont pass validation. I dont want to change rules to

[['noic'], 'string', 'max' => 12, 'min' => 12]

because the validation message then will prompt that the value should has 14 character because user alredy familiar with this field to has fix 12 character. The ‘-’ symbol is use only for separator, not part of the value.

So how to make client validation doesnt count the ‘-’ symbol?

Enclose optional input in "[]".

I do this

'mask' => '999999[-]99[-]9999',

the client validation still fail for having input more than 12 character.

I want the client validation to validate the input max length as 12 character by counting only number and ignore the ‘-’ character.

Currently i disable client validation and when form submited, in the controller, i remove the ‘-’ character manually so server side validation will success.

I’m asking for solution so i can enable client validation again.


Have you already considered to write your own small client validator for this purpose?

Read from here:

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You can use scenarios. So have a rules to the view an other rules to save.

Save data is not a problem. I know how to manipulate data on server side to allow that. My problem is to has proper client side validation with masked input like that. Also, i has no experties about scenarios, maybe i will check it later to properly understand your suggestion.

After reading the guide, i think this is what i want

So i create this rule




              'filter' => function($value){

                  $value = str_replace('_', '', $value);

                  $value = str_replace('-', '', $value);

                  return $value;


              'enableClientValidation' => true,


This rule automatically filter the attribute value so i dont need to do that manually. But it is only implemented on server side. The class documentation has enableClientValidation properties. I set that to true. But client validation still doesnt work, i guess it is not done automatically, and i need to implement filter validator clientValidateAttribute() function

So it come back to creating my own client validator, but i never done this and doenst really understand the example in the guide but i will try figure it out. If you can provide easier to understand example would be helpful for me.

Just to make sure, do i need to read and implement this as well?

Why don’t you set the max and min in rules to 14? (considering the ‘-’)

I’ve a similar field that has this format 99.999-999 and I use this rules:

[['cep'], 'string', 'max' => 10],

['cep', 'match', 'pattern' => '/^(\d{2}\.\d{3}-\d{3})$/'],

['cep', 'filter', 'filter' => function ($value) {


        return preg_replace("/[^0-9]/","",$value);


Hi, thanks for replying. Yeah, sometime ago, i thought i just give up to make it count as 12 and just set as 14. But there is another problem with my masked input. The masked i use create this default input value --. So if the user doesnt complete fill in the input field, for example the user type 1234, the input will be 1234__-__-____, the client validation will see the input has 14 length because it count the _ character as well. So the input value is considered pass client validation.

So in the end, i need to remove the _ character. Now i use the filter validator to remove - and _ character on server, but it doenst automatically do the same for client validation.

I think let just forget my question about this masked input, i will just create new post asking more explaination how to implement custom client validation because i dont fully understand the guide

Are you using a pattern validation as in my previous code? If I understood, you need to validate not only the length but if all characters are numbers too.


    // you need to adjust for your case...

    ['cep', 'match', 'pattern' => '/^(\d{2}\.\d{3}-\d{3})$/'],


In this way the client script will be auto generated and partial input will not pass the validation.

Yeah, it work. Previously i only pay attention to the filter validator and miss the match validator. Thanks for take time to help me solve this. :D

I’m glad you solved.

You can use the So there are rules to the view that other rules to save.

I have no idea of it