Mark Seen Tv Shows

Hello Yii Fans :)

I created a webapp to mark seen tv show episodes, so the “obvious” title is SEEN ;). Its free to use (will always be) and the data is coming from the api.

The shows and episodes are available in different languages, of course only these which are available in the api. I primarily created the app for myself because i am a big tv show fan and did not find anything similar to track already watched tv shows. I don’t think that i am the only one with this problem so i uploaded it to . Recently i did not discover any errors so it would be great if you could find one and report it to me (I am sure there are some bugs left).

It would also be very helpful to hear some feature requests. The first feature I implemented a few days ago was for example a reminder. You can specify a day in the week and a time for a tv show and you will be informed via email about this show (for example 15 minutes before it starts).

The features I planed at the moment:

  • Calendar view for all of your reminders

  • Suggest episodes (when people also watched the episode in your language the system can suspect that it is available in your country)

  • User profiles

  • Recommend shows by the taste of other users who subscribed to similar shows

I use google analytics and for user analytics and for sending transactional emails (all services are free to use). When more user signs up and my current webhoster is not able to handle the amount of data i’m thinking of adding affiliate links to itunes/netflix etc. (small and inconspicuous) to pay for a server.

The website is in english, i’m from germany so there will be (like in this post) a few grammar and spelling mistakes…

Thanks for your feedback!

I rewrote the application and it is now based on yii2 (beta). I also updated the theme to give the application a cleaner look and changed the api from to which also supports movies. It is fully open source and can be viewed on github. Please feel free to provide some feedback or tell me if something goes wrong;)

thx, very nice project