MariaDB vs MySQL on YII

I did the development on MySQL and it works on that. But when I change db module to connect to a MariaDB instance, I am getting errors like this from same yii project -

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field doesn't have a default value.

I had read in forums, they are perfectly interchangeable, particularly from MySQL to MariaDB…

Please help me fix this as I wanted to use MariaDB for some of its plugins.

Does MariaDB run in strict mode?

If you didn’t define a field as allowing NULL values does it not accept them as MySQL would?

Right now , I can load MariaDB with same SQL file dump from MYSQL but it is YII that is behaving differently for both the DB. In MYSQL case, it does not complain about default values, but the same AR models no longer work once ported to MariaDB.