the website of arabic anthology

Hello All,

Its my pleasure to let you know that a new arabic-literature site is in town, and its built with Yii. is not-for-profit and was launched on the 1st of November and it received a lot of interest from the arab community.

I have been working developing software for along time (12+ years), and I have to say that I enjoyed every minute working with Yii and building

If you visit the site, you will notice its all in arabic, so if you can’t read arabic, you’ll only get to see the ui and layout :(

My choice for yii came after long research on many frameworks, php and otherwise,

but Yii caught my attention in its OOP use and intuitiveness. I simply felt like I knew it for a long time :)

Last but not least, I would like to extend my appreciation for the authors of Yii framework.

Best regards to all,

  • Kefah Issa.

btw, I would like to add a-powered-by-yii icon at the footer, where can I find one?

Looks great!

Very clean and good for reading.

I can’t read it, but the letters are pretty, so it doesn’t matter. :)

If you want a powered by image, you can find one in the Yii/framework directory.

Alternatively, grab another one from this topic:


The powered-image is now on the footer.


Dear I am also developing a site using yii which will have arabic support. need your help on that


may i borrow your images button :)

Any thing within my power.

It would be great if you post your questions here, so every one would benefit.


  • Kefah.

amazing font Kefah, good luck & بالتوفيق :)