Many to Many

I have my Model Job that has a relation to my model Location.

The Job table has 2 columns pickup and delivery and those 2 columns has a foreign key to my location table.

Now when I print the data of the Job model I get my array of pickup and delivery with their ID numbers but what I need is to get the name of the location and delivery which is in the location table.

I already tried this:

public function getJob()


        return $this->hasOne(Job::className(), ['id' => 'job_id']);


public function getLocationName()


    	return $this->hasMany(Location::className(), ['location_id' => 'pickup_location'])



but that return only the name of the pickup_location but I also need the name of the delivery_location at the same time.

Are im right saying you have something like this?



    delivery_id (=> Location)

    pickup_id (=> Location)







public function getDeliveryLocation() {

    return $this->hasMany(Location::className(), ['location_id' => 'delivery_id'])


public function getPickupLocation() {

    return $this->hasMany(Location::className(), ['location_id' => 'pickup_id'])


Or does i understand you wrong?

check if it work for you :