Many To Many Relationship With Same Model

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  I'm a newbie in Yii framework. I just got stuck in a relationship problem please help me to solve it. Problem is described below.

  Relationship is actually with the same model. I have an [b]Employee[/b] model. Usually a company will have only one manager per employee. But in this case there may be more than one manager per employee. He also will be another [b]Employee[/b] only who may or may not have one or more managers again. 

  So I need to define [b]Many-to-Many[/b] relationship for [b]Employee[/b] model with itself. How can I achieve that. I googled a lot, but didn't find any proper solution. 

  Hope you understand the problem. Please help me ASAP. 

 Thank you


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Hi Prashanth,





  employee_id ... FK to

  manager_id  ... FK to

// Person.php

'managers'  => array(self::MANY_MANY, 'Person', 'employee_manager(employee_id, manager_id)'),

'employees' => array(self::MANY_MANY, 'Person', 'employee_manager(manager_id, employee_id)'),

I changed ‘Employee’ to ‘Person’ in order to clarify the wording, because employee can have many employees.

The point is that you can create a bridge table that defines the relations between 2 persons: one is employee and the other is manager. And the Person model has 2 relations: employees and managers.

By doing this you can retrieve the managers and the employees of one person.

$person = Person::model()->findByPk($id);

foreach($person->managers as $manager)

    echo $person->name . " has manager named " . $manager->name . "\n";

foreach($person->employees as $employee)

    echo $person->name . " has employee named " . $employee->name . "\n";

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Hi softark,

 Below given is my implementation. Can you please check it and confirm.








// Employee.php

'managers' => array(self::MANY_MANY, 'Employee', 'subordinate_manager(subordinate_id, manager_id)'),

'subordinates' => array(self::MANY_MANY, 'Employee', 'subordinate_manager(manager_id, subordinate_id)')

With this situation, I was trying to create a new employee where multi select dropdownlist provides option to select managers. in actionCreate i am trying to save the employee with following code (i am using CAdvancedArBehavior extension) and


$model->managers = Employee::model()->findAll("`Id` IN ('" . implode("','", $_POST['Employee']['managers']) . "')");



that creates an error

Property "Employee.manager_id" is not defined.

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I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that extension and can not help you on it.

But according to the following comment which is on the extension’s page, it has a bug in saving MANY_MANY relation.

The comment was posted on 2012/01/17, and the extension was uploaded on 2011/5/25. So I think the bug is still there.

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Thanks dude. Can you give me a sample code to save a Employee record along with the relationship manually without that extension.

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Well, it’s boring simple.

  1. Create a CActiveRecord class for subordinate_manager.

  2. Manually set employee_id and manager_id to an instance of SubordinateManager objects and save.




    foreach($_POST['Employee']['managers'] as $manager_id)


         $link = new SubordinateManager();

         $link->subordinate_id = $model->id;

         $link->manager_id = $manager_id;




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It needs an extra class for SubordinateManager. And my problem is fixed within the bug report (the link you gave) the reported guy has given its fix too. I applied the fix and now its perfectly fine. subordinate_manager entries are automatically added when i add the following line before saving the Employee object.

$model->managers = Employee::model()->findAll("`Id` IN ('" . implode("','", $_POST['Employee']['managers']) . "')");

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I have copied the fix given by the bug reporter so that it may be useful for someone in future.