many-to-many creation


is there any easy and convenient way to create many-to-many links in yii? In the provided blog example, a manual delete/insert is used:…ls/Post.php#102

That doesnt seem quite nice to me - is there any way using the provided ActiveRecord? Adding an extra model for each mn table seems awkward, too.

any ideas?

There's no other way. Either use a SQL like in the blog or create another ActiveRecord class for the link table.

Having a separate AR for ManyMany relations isn't that painful.

Just add a function to your AR class to do it, f. ex:

Team <ManyMany> Person

class Team extends CActiveRecord {

    function addPerson($person) {

        // code could be something like this

        $teamToPerson = new TeamToPerson();

        $teamToPerson->teamID = $this->ID;

        $teamToPerson->playerID = $player->ID;




Then everywere is your code, adding a person to a team is one line of code!