Many::many Relation Question

Hi Guys,

I have the following tables Company, ContactPerson, CompanyContact


(id int













Company Contact is a matrix of People related to each Company.

Person 1 maybe an employee of Company A and on the Board of Directors of Company B.

Person 2 may be a representative of Company’s A, B, C, D

I have used AWEGEN and GII, saw Giix is supposed to handle Many::Many

Was curious if there is any tools that might help with managing this stuff.

From the Company controller, after creating, I want to be able to link to a create page for ContactPerson

and conversly, from the ContactPerson controller, (view screen I think…after create) I think it should

be easy for the user to enter an company reference (either one may exist or have to be entered)

I have been looking around as to how to code this for ideas and examples as to how best apply the Yii Framework to

this problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.