I was getting ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE errors now and then of my local machine while developing in Yii and I thought it’s a Mac/Apache local issue but I got the message several time on the official website as well.

Check the screenshot.

What’s wrong?

Funny I just got this too. Wonder if its a Chrome issue?

Realy strange. You dont have done anything in the code?

I got it on this site this morning

It’s definitely a Yii issue, it can’t be a coincidence.

Isn’t it just a timeout confirmation in Chrome (I don’t have Chrome, never tried it so far).

Sometimes I use to see (using Firefox) a long delay before the Yii forum send an answer.

Regarding your Yii site, check app/php/apache logs for errors.


The thing is it only happens on Yii website and local Yii apps. Nowhere else.

Did anyone ever find out what’s wrong? I also get this on a page with a CGridView, with a summary of somewhat relational heavy models. Not a lot of instances though… Happens without a clear pattern on my local XAMPP machine.