Manually call up the error handler.


I have coded myself a custom system, and it doe snot paly nice with Yii’s default error handling - therefore I have to partially re-implement it so it will work nicely with my variant.

In order to get traditional PHP errors (like "Undefined variable") to become exceptions, I am using a custom error handler that turns the stuff into Exceptions. Now, I get that exception, but Yii does not react. So I need to manually catch the Exception and somehow bring up the error page.

This is very low-level, as I am basically putting fancyness into the bucket. What I want to do is:

  • Fill the Error details in.

  • Load the Controller that has the error handler ("SiteController")

  • Run the Action with proper parameters ("actionError()").

What is the correct way to instantiate a Controller and instruct it to perform an action?

Kind regards, Ingwie.