Manual installation

Hi All!

I’m new to Yii framework and I’m inexperienced with unix os.

So… my question is: is the command line the only way to create a new yii apps?

I tried to search any tutorials/how to/blog/website about this… but I didn’t found it.



No, it’s not the only way. Still it’s recommended to use. You can use command line in Windows environment almost the same way as in unix.

To start with new app without command line you can copy framework/cli/views/webapp contents into your webroot and edit index.php to set a correct path to framework folder.

Probably in version 2 of Yii, GUI will be provided. But as of now, let’s just stick with the command line installation.

You may check Yii command line installation for instructions. It’s not that hard to do, promise ;)

Ehi… wow! :rolleyes:

I was sure I had enabled the notifications option but I was wrong.

Thanks for your replies guys. I’ll try both! ;)