Management Tools (UI) for RBAC?

Has anybody know is there any tools to manage RBAC in Yii?

I am writing a multi level user auth Yii apps (with multiple roles, task, operation). I found there will be a problem to update users auth level, when need to add-in new module (new task, operation) to current system. I need to write a script to update all existing users's privilege.

for each users as user{



Please correct me if my thinking and the way I code is wrong, I am very very new to MVC and RBAC. Just knowing those concept because of Yii, and only have few weeks experience with Yii…

Advice are really appreciated.  :)

Your code is right. However, unless you are adding new roles, you don't need to update each user because usually only roles are assigned to users. If you add operations/tasks, you mainly need to update the role hierarchy using APIs.

Thanks Qiang! You reply make me clearer and confirm on what I am doing now.

Yes, unless I am going to add in new roles, I do not need to update each users. If there is new task or operation, I only need to assigned to the applicable roles, then automatically will applied to all user under that roles.

Thanks again, you advice are really valuable.  ;)