mamp, yiic, model & crud autogeneration


I'm currently having hard time with trying to se yiic working with MAMP in Mac.

I have following in the main.php config file:

I suppose everything should be fine here. In MySQL I have table called Page. Now if I try to autogenerate model and crud via yiic with launching shell by following command:

and after that I'll write

YII should automatically create model-files right? No! Instead I get following error:

Any ideas?

After you make changes to app config, you need exit and re-enter yiic shell so that the new config takes effect.

You also need to specify the php lib path from the MAMP folder otherwise your php will run under the default Mac OS X PHP lib (which is not the right one) :

You can also set the correct path by editing the correct php path in the yiic file.