Making Web Services Session Free and Localized


I have implemented RESTful web services using Yii framework. This is my first project using Yii and I am very pleased with Yii with its ease of use. To complete the project, I am looking for the following two things

  1. Make them session free for scalability. The current implementation does not use session (it logs in for every request). But Yii framework may be creating session objects and carrying that baggage even when they are not used or needed. Is it true? If yes, how can I remove this overhead?

  2. Locality string (e.g. en_us) is provided as part of the web service input which are to be used to translate messages generated by the web services. How can I use this locality string for Yii::t() since there does not seem to be a setLocale function for Yii (but there is one in PHP and there is a setLanguage in Yii)? I have seen and and I understand the message translation using /protected/messages/<locale>/<category>.php.

Thanks in advance.

why did no one answer this?