Making Gridview Rows Clickable

I was wondering if I am able to make an entire row clickable within the widget settings? I know the functionality is already there somewhere since clicking on a row makes it selected. Anyone help is appreciated and much thanks in advance.

EDIT: Just to be clear I already have the class extended and I am not looking at adding onclick to the tr tag, but if that is my only way then I guess that is what I have to do. Just looking for other solutions if there are any.

Hi wicked357,

Yes, the rows of CGridView are already "selectable" by default.


And you can add the selectionChanged event handler.


"Clickable" sounds a little different from "selectable", but you can make use of these properties.

But, then again, I think adding "onClick" event handler is not bad at all.

And you may also want to change the cursor for tbody.

Hi Wicked357

This wiki’s “Ajax method-1” shows how to make the rows ‘clickable’ - not just ‘selectable’ - using JQuery event delegation.