Make Multi Level Category For Yii2

Any body can help me with creating multi level category please

first of all you did not specified your problem clearly. post your problem clearly

thank for your reply

I want to creat multi level category , really do not how to creat on and display one in Yii2

The structure is:

  • Cat 1



  • Cat2


It’s about 2 level category

Where do you want to display these - in your form, gridview, where? How are you storing this data (in a db - are you using AR)?

That is normal multi-level html select with child-parent relations. That is each parent have kids.

Showing youe schema if any will help.

I want to display this on menu and upload page where user choose category

I storing in data, yes i use AR

You can use Yii Menu widget to generate a HTML unordered list.

If you are looking at a hierarchical navbar menu using Bootstrap - you can check my yii2-nav-x extension which internally uses yii2-dropdown-x extension.

If you are looking at a Side Navigation menu using Bootstrap - you can check my SideNav extension.