Make More Users Read The Guide

Some people will try to use the framework without reading the guide first. Didn’t they see a link to it?

What if we had a link directly to it directly from the download page? Something like "Starting with Yii? Read The Definitive Guide".

The guide made me understand Yii at a time that I had no experience with frameworks or MVC.

I believe it does the same for other people. That’s why I value it so much.

I think all things are provided on index page,

as upper links which included guide, wiki, forum… etc… and lower section as "Books On Yii"

So, i think user will find this things if user seriously want to use Yii for learning/development purpose and sometimes it is better to do practical work with reading…

This is same as any appliance user guide… someone will first read the guide before doing anything (assembling, operating) with it… but others will first get to assemble or use it and then if some problems arise wonder why it does not work.

So even if we would have a BIG button like "read this guide", there would always be users that are not reading the guide.

Hi Rodrigo and Kiran,

I do agree with Rodrigo on the definite value of the guide. I know Kiran also will agree on this. :)

It’s also true with me that the guide has made my life with Yii much easier.

All the serious new users SHOULD read it through from top to bottom at least, say, twice. It’s a very small initial cost that you have to pay for a much larger gain in the future. By ignoring the guide, you will lose so much time in the long run.

At the same time, I’m a bit pessimistic about some people who DON’T WANT to read and learn. It’s a matter of aptitude as an engineer. I’m afraid they would not come to read the guide even if you had a giant link banner on the front page.

However, there are many people who don’t read the guide just because they don’t know the value of it. So it will be a good help to have a brief road map for learning Yii … as Rodrigo has already tried with a wiki article.


Ah, yes, "BIG button" too, Maurizio.

Guys, thanks for participating in the discussion. I agree with your arguments.