Make mail comment/update after starring an article optional

Hi there,

I have been using the Yii Framework site for a while now. I especially like to follow the RSS feed with new topics, extensions and Wiki articles. To keep my favorites clean I like to star article’s on the website. Unfortunately I get updates on my e-mail for every change and/or comment that is posted on all my starred items. This functionality is understandable but I think it would be very nice if you could turn of automatic update mail from starred items. (I’m thinking about a checkbox underneath the starred items list.) This way I can still find all the items I like at a default (and trusted) place, while not constantly being bothered by all the updates on the starred items articles (on my email account). Believe me I know where to find this site ;)

I’d like hear your thoughts on this… Thanks!

The starring feature was introduced just for that - getting updates and changes on e-mail.

Still it would be welcome feature if you ask me… Though understandably not one with any priority whatsoever ;)

But ok, I guess I’ll have to look for an other solution for now. Thanks anyway!