Make Buttongroup Dropdown Appear Outside Parent Div


I am using the YiiBooster controls.

I have an accordion widget and within each panel I have a table that has a TbButtonGroup widget (with an dropdown action menu). Everything works perfectly however the tbButtonGroup action menu for the last menu itme extends past the bottom of the panel and is therefore hidden inside the accordion panel.

I want the menu to be top. I have tried position: relative which does display the whole menu but the accordion panel stretches to accommodate it. dont really want that, I want the rest of the elements to stay exactly where they are. I have also tried setting the z-index but that seems to have no effect.

The dropdown menu itself is a "ul" tag with "li" elements.

This is what I see…

This is what I want to see…

Here is the html code from the insepctor…

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Greg J


I added "overflow: visible" to the div tag below, this is the container that holds the heading and the panel. (2nd line in 3rd image above). Now that I have found the answer it makes alot of sense!

Code is now…

<div class="panel panel-default" style="overflow:visible;">

Hope this helps someone.


Greg J