Mailwizz - Email Marketing Application


I’d like to share my new and public Yii project called MailWizz EMA .

It is an email marketing application that took a bit more than 6 months to develop and reach v.1 and contains everything you would expect from an email marketing application and a bit more (and as always, lots of things under development).

Also, it contains a powerful API and also a PHP-SDK for that API and it can also be integrated with wordpress to certain level.

You can see a full list of features here and who knows, maybe it can be handy for you too if you deal with email marketing.

Just a heads up, it is not free, but not expensive either :)

Everything built in the wonderful Yii framework, simple.

If you have questions please let me know,

Other than that, happy browsing.

Thanks :)

Is it openSource?

Is there any git repository?


It is a paid application as i said in the description, but it’s not expensive and you get a lot of goodies when you but it.

Of course, only if you are interested in such application, otherwise, it’s just a good Yii framework showcase :)

Looks like a very nice application. I’m sure there is a market for this.

I was a bit overwhelmed at first with all the information presented on the home page, but eventually found most of what I wanted to know on the FAQ page.

I think maybe you would get better response if you present the key selling points in a section above the feature list.

One question: I have a customer with some special needs that may not be covered in the standard product. Can I extend/modify the source to adapt it to their needs?

Also, if purchase a license, what is the upgrade policy?

Thanks for the advice, will see what i can do about the homepage.

As for your questions,

Yes, the source code can be modified.

The upgrades are free for minor versions (each upgrade will only provide modified files).

Depending on the type of changes you want to make to the system, you can also create extensions that will hook into certain events when the script runs (this includes all model events + custom defined, all controller events + custom defined, etc).

These extensions are like wordpress plugins, you install them from a zip archive(since there is no doc for them right now, you’ll have to look into ckeditor extension to see how to create one and in the source code for available hooks)

Since you are a developer, i’ll explain in short how you can override a controller from the application, say you want to add your own functionality for backend area, customers section.

In this case, you will create an extension that will hook in the beforerequest event of yii, will register a new route to your new controller file and your new controller file will extend my customers controller to inherit all the functionality. From here i think you see the direction where this is going.

Let me know if you need to know something else.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. I’ll discuss this with the customer and see if we can work it into the plans.

I just bought a license and look forward to start experimenting with it.

I noticed that I did not receive a log in to the MailWizz customer area. Was I supposed to?

Hi, i see your account is created on my end and you suppose to get an activation email.

Maybe didn’t reach the inbox, can you see the other folders ?

In any case, if it doesn’t work, you can try a reset (

If your ISP blocks my domain emails, i can also send you the login credentials manually.

Let me know.

Yes, I have received shortly after I installed it on my home PC.

I have just been playing playing around with the menus.

The first impression is great. [size=2]I look forward to start using it.[/size]

Thanks for your prompt support!

No problem, let’s use the support account from now on since this thread isn’t the right place :)

Just a heads up for people interested in such software.

Since the last post here, we have reached version 1.3.2 which was released yesterday.

Thanks to Yii, we now have an extraordinary solid application ready to deliver emails to million of users in just a few clicks :)

If you are in the mailing industry, don’t hesitate to give it a try :)


I believe this is great value for money.

Highly recommended!

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