mailing problems


It was only today that I tried using the Contact Page of Yii that was built using yiic. I expected it to send an email to the me, since I declared my email as adminEmail in config/main.php. But I didn’t recieved any email :(

Is there a setup that I failed to do? Is there a php extension that should be installed first for the mailing service to work?

Kindly advice. Thanks for your answers.

The actionContact() in SiteController uses the standard PHP mail() function to send the mail… so it has to be something with the PHP configuration on your server…

Usually in windows machines it doesn’t work, you can install a stuff like this for solve the problem.

Anyway don’t worry, it will work properly to any host.

I am using Ubuntu 10.10 as my server, and used Zend Community Server to install and setup everything for me (except mysql). So I guess they should be the one I am bugging.

Thanks guys for the answers. :)