Mailer component

Is there any plan to create a mailer component for Yii? If not, I’m making that request now.

If you plan to to it, i think it would be quite useful if it able to make use of views. here’s a quick example.

say i have a user registration action where i want to send an email to the user when they successfully register, i could have a file (eg: register.php) under a directory like /protected/views/mail with contents like:

Hello <strong><?php echo $model->username; ?></strong>, you have successfully registered. To confirm your registration, click <?php echo CHtml::link('Here',array('/site/vaidate','code'=>'code')); ?>.

to send the email to the user.

we could do some thing like this:



   $mailer = Yii::app()->mailer;


   $mailer->render('register',array('$model'=>$model))->send();// send would return boolean so you can check status.


The component would have attributes to set the view path, the type of views to use eg: .txt, .php/html

if .txt then mail will be plain text.

I have more ideas that could be used in a component like that, if you are interested, let me kno and i will compile and post them.

Look in that extensions: http://www.yiiframew…tensions/?cat=9

There is also Marko’s SwiftMailer component.

I’m already using my mail component which implements phpmailer but who wouldn’t rather an official mail component from Qiang?

My email component supports views

However the implantation is not that great (mainly it uses php’s mail() function only, which is bad for many reasons I hear). I am going to rewrite it to be a wrapper for swiftmailer hopefully pretty soon

Hi there, I want to use your swift mailer here - but how do you install it? Please help!