Magic get and behaviors

The magic get (and presumably the magic set) does not seem to reach into behaviors to find the get function.

In the simple case, I can write a function getItem() and call it with $obj->item .  But if I move the getItem() function to a (properly attached) behavior, $obj->item no longer works.  The more awkward $obj->asa('mybehavior')->item works.  So another way of putting this is that the $obj->f() magic shortcut for $obj->asa('mybehavior')->f() does not work for magic gets.

Is this a bug, a todo, a feature, or an undoable?  Or, more plausibly than I like to think, did I miss something?

yeah, we still need to improve the support for behaviors. Could you please create a ticket for this? Thanks.

Done, issue 427.