M Oving Between Pc's

I have two PC’s with xampp.

On one PC all is well. I copy the webroot and all subfolders and move to 2nd PC.

The main menu comes up and all Yii included menu options work (Home,About, Contact, Login) . But when attempting to go to any of the new items I get the XAMPP welcome page.

the site is named ‘trackstar’ and when I try to go to any controller (localhost/trackstar/index.php?r=project) I get the XAMPP welcome page and the address bar is: ‘http://trackstar/xampp/’ -> which doesn’t exist. The back arrow takes me back to the Yii menu. This works properly on the 1st PC.

I am really at a loss here and need some guidance.


Bill S.

Let me know about your OS and error message ?

or may you need enable YII_DEBUG in index.php so that will show error message.


ini_set('display_errors', true);

// change the following paths if necessary



require_once dirname(__FILE__)."/protected/config/function.php";

// remove the following line when in production mode

 defined('YII_DEBUG') or define('YII_DEBUG',true);



I wish I did get an error message or two.

But I did solve this issue by adjusting the path statements in the main menu -> attached.

Thanks for the insights and the information on the main index.php file. IT will be most helpful.


Bill S>