Lower case url

Hi all,

Currently the urls in my site are of format index.php?r=blogPages/list and i’d like to make them all lowercase like index.php?blogpages/list. Unfortunately by default is not possible unless I also make the controller names lower case which I don’t want to do.

I also tried to add my own rules like:

rules = array(‘blogpages/list’ => ‘blogPages/list’) but the rules seem to be ignored by the engine. Any idea why? I don’t want to use path format by the way.

Is there another way?

Thank you!

Seems like controllerMap can do it. Add this to application configuraton

  'controllerMap' => array(

    'blogpages' => array(

      'class' => 'application.controllers.BlogPagesController',





or just this

  'controllerMap' => array(

    'blogpages' => 'application.controllers.BlogPagesController',


Unfortunately, on Linux you will also have to rename the view subfolder to blogpages.


It works wonders, thanks a bunch!