Low forum activity

I love learning new frameworks and part of that is asking questions in forums. It seems that the yii forum doesn’t have a high level of activity. There are a number of 0 response posts. This is alarming for someone trying to use an open source project. The adoption of an os project relies on community involvement, even if that means answering a bunch of newbie questions. Someday that newbie will be an advanced user and will preach the benefits of the tool they learned to use. These are probably bad words, but the codeIgniter and cakePHP forums are much more active and even if the question is simple someone replies. Maybe that is because they are older projects with a larger user base at this time.

Yes, Yii community is not as large as CI or Cake’s. That’s because Yii is younger.

Because of that you can’t expect instant answers… at least during the weekend.

Since when does cake have a forum? I think only a usergroup… where it is sometimes hard to find questions too :)

Even worse ZF forums :)

Does the forum have a ‘View Unreplied Topics’ system? I run a site where the team use this to check for topics without a reply.

Maybe the dev team could have a day a week each where they run through the unreplied topics looking for ones they can easily answer.

As welzie mentions, knowledge will cascade down as people improve.


Sometimes there are no answers because nobody had a similar problems…

and many times people that post the question, after not getting help… solve their problem and post the answer… like you did on this post - http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10814-expose-variables-to-view-from-controller/page__fromsearch__1

@ all interested

That’s how I see the forum… it’s a place where you can ask for help if someone had similar problems,


if it happens that nobody had something similar… or

that they are not online at that time you need them

then you are on your own…

try to solve it by yourself…

maybe you will get a step further, find something new…

and then post what you find, what you tried, what you got…

and someone will maybe then join you to solve the problem completely…