lost of crud, controller creation with shell command [merged duplicate posts]

All of a sudden I’m not getting CRUD, controllers with the use of the shell command :angry: Problem rose with upgrading to yii-1.1.5 and being a bit rusty at yii having dropped it for a few months. :D

Don’t really understand your question … do you mean on model creation?

All of a sudden I lost the ability to create controllers, views with the shell model command. I have to use the controller command. Views for CRUD aren’t being created :angry:

Found reason: folders were write-protected. :D

Any reason why you’re not using Gii ?

That’s no reason to post the same question all over the place. ;)

I haven’t had any problem with using the crud command at the shell prompt on 1.1.5

Just generated a model via:

>>model TblName


>>crud TblName

and all appropriate controllers and views were generated.

What Exactly are you trying to do that isn’t working?

Didn’t know I had. Guess I got a big bang for my buck.

D’oh! That could just as easily have been me. Awesome! :lol:

I use both gii and shell. I guess I feel I have more control with shell. I tend to learn more with shell. Probably because, at least for me, it takes more discipline, thought. My solution here came from playing with the shell. I remember the words of some coach who said ‘no pain, no gain’ :) With the shell, it seems that you have all the cards on the table to look at, e.g., file/folder protection with chmod, associated creations with CRUD, etc.

Thanks for your expeditious reply, DH. I’ve got the solution. Your blog has helped me a lot BTW :)

I tried using


, with no success, changed file permissions,


, then used


, by trial and error, i.e., ‘hacking’ :) and voila solution.

In other words: the wonderful world of programming. B)

Glad that you got it working and that you find the blog helpful :)