Looping Redactorwidget

Has anyone ever tried placing the Redactor Widget within a loop?

I am attempting to display multiple instances of the widget based on a user-defined variable, however I’m running into an issue where the redactor’s toolbar will only generate in the first instance. Additionally, the content within the preceeding instances does not save to the $_POST variable.

Manually inserting each widget works but because the number of instances will not be known, I must run a loop.

Here is a code snippet.

foreach ($langs as $i=>$v)

         { ?>

	<div class="span11">

		<h4>Edit Page Content</h4>

		<div class="tip">Click on the first tool on the toolbar to switch to editing HTML directly. Note this editor can be used for HTML and CSS, but any scripting language like JavaScript will not be functional.</div>


		$this->widget('ImperaviRedactorWidget', array(

					'name' => 'Content-'.substr($v,0,2),

					'value' => _xls_parse_language($model->page,substr($v,0,2)),

					'htmlOptions'=>array('style'=>"height: 400px; padding-bottom: 20px;"),

					'options' => array(

						'lang' => substr($v,0,2),

						'width'=> '500',

						'height'=> '400',








	<?php } 

It seems the ‘lang’ variable under options was causing a whole lot of javascript issues.

Once I commented/removed that from the options list it started to behave.

Hi I’ve two redactor widgets in tabs, I removed ‘lang’ item, but don’t work :(