Lookup field problem?

My noob question…

I have a table with "categories" that are related (indirectly) in a hierarhy by using the ENestedSet extension.

I try to figure out how to create a simple Create Category form where user should

enter the name of category and select a parent category (or no parent if category is a new root)

  1. I try to use a dropDownList, but my problem is that the implementation of Category has no parent_id field.

Parent category is determinated by left,right,level indexes in category table and no parent attribute exists in table,

so i think $form->dropDownList($model,…) is not possible here because my category $model has no parent_id attribute, so how should i make it?

  1. Drop down list is a limited solution to this, because i can not estimate how many category records will exists

in future… so i think i need a modal form, with pagging, but don’t know yet how to do it… :(

any sugestions?

thanks in advance…

First. I’m glad that you use my extension. Second. You can use this widget for this:

class CategorySelectWidget extends CInputWidget


	public $root;

	public $showRoot=true;

	public $condition='';

	public function run()








			foreach($categories as $category)

				$category->title=str_repeat('—',$this->showRoot ? $category->level-1 : $category->level-2).' '.CHtml::encode($category->title);



			echo CHtml::activeDropDownList($this->model,$this->attribute,CHtml::listData($categories,'id','title'),$this->htmlOptions);