Looks like there is a problem with the demos.krajee.com site

It looks like there is a problem with the demo site.

Specifically, http://demos.krajee.com/popover-x#usage seems to be broken.

When I click on any of the demo buttons, nothing happens. I would expect a popup to… well… popup!

I check this with a IE, FF, and chrome, and tried it on two computers. It does the same thing… or lack there of…

I also looked at a couple of other demos, and it looks like there may be problems there as well…

Anyone else having this problem, or in this case is anyone else having this work as expected?

-John Scott

It looks broken, yes.

But, wouldn’t it be better to contact the Krajee / Kartik guys/gals about that ?

True, but rather then have 294 accounts on every server around, I post it on a relevant site that I have an account on. I only find forum contact information.


Sent him an email via contact form.

OH! :huh: I have never done that before. Thanks for the tip!