Looking Yii web programmers within the Bay

I am currently in development towards a prototype for my business, and I am looking to build this company around a group of core developers well-versed in PHP and Yii, as well as the tangential HTML/CSS/LAMP/OO/MySQL knowledge base. What money I had for this boot-strapped startup went towards a bad development relationship with a contractor, so now I have to resort to building this prototype myself (thank you a thousand times to Yii).

My company involves recommendations, mobile applications, aspects of social networking, etc. More detail would require an NDA, but I am looking for Bay Area-located candidates (in California for the international set) who I can refer to in building up a small, core team of Yii-based developers for the future, as I would love to bring the same devoted, small, but eager participation I see in these forums to my startup. Please email me at my email for future correspondence

Thank you, and thank you Yii for such an amazing product



That being said, if there are any Yii programmers who live in the bay area, it’d be great to maintain a correspondence for the future. Please feel free to email me in that case


Hey Ravi…good to see someone local on these boards…I’m in the East Bay. I can’t really offer much help…I’m new to Yii, and really only do development in my spare time, but I do have experience with web startups, software dev/design…etc. Feel free to reach out if you need to bounce ideas somewhere…

Hello everyone,

Networking around the bay has exposed me to the hot and competitive market for talent out there, and all these start ups jostling for talent, trying to get funded.

I am looking to start a social-based recommendation site, and I am currently working on the prototype myself due to a so-so experience with a contractor, coupled with the need for boot-strapped funds to hire another person. Before you click away, consider that my prototype is about a month or so away from completion, and that prototype will be used to shop around for funds from angels in the area.

Having another developer, especially versed in Yii, would speed up the implementation, and thus the funding. I believe that this is a fun, game-like concept that will have people interact more readily than with other such sites out there, and this would be a chance for any local developer to be a part of a start up. I have a background in CS (hence my coding work on the prototype), and I recently completed my MBA from Thunderbird school of Global Management in Arizona.

I want to create a start up: I feel more alive when I consider it, and the senses are definitely brighter when I am creating something new. With start ups out there with dated concepts being funded, it’s about time this company got it’s due.