Looking Yii developers for Small Web App Development - remote

Dear All Yii Developers,

I am looking for remote Yii Developer for small Web App development. Most of Web API(I would say 95%) are already supported from the third party Service Provider.

I need for the following features simple and nice Reponsive Web UI( we can use Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation).

The WEB API already supported :

creation of new customer accounts.

adding and removing credit from customer accounts.

get user info, like balance and current active email/phone nr etc…

get detail records of each customer account

adding phone numbers/email to customer accounts

validation and resetting passwords of customer accounts.

blocking and unblocking customer accounts.

Reset the password of a customer

Addtional to the WEB UI we need to implement

  • simple Rate Searching tool/Table(Search by Some Strings)

  • 3-4 Static Pages ( nice to have with simple CMS Module ??)

  • Paypayl and stripe.com Payment Integration Module.

If you have interested the project please PM.

Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards,