Looking to hire experienced India PHP Developer

We are a British renewable energy company based in China, and we are looking to hire some Indian staff to work in our China office (Wuhu, Anhui province). Our company has 30 staff, average age in 20s, from Britain, France, Italy, USA, Czech Republic, Germany and China – all working together to publish solar information and assist in solar trade deals. We would like to hire some Indian staff to join our company – and we have a particular interest in people from the Tumkur/Bangalore/Mysore area as we are thinking about opening an office in Tumkur (or perhaps Bangalore or Mysore) in the future, and having some staff from this area already working for us would make this easier.

We will pay for the flight and visa costs for you to arrive at our China office and for your return flight to India at the end of the contract – but you must stay a minimum of 18 months with us. The company’s working hours are 8 hours per day, 5 days per week – and overtime is not pushed onto our staff (just helpful for getting promotions and future salary rises as it is in any other company). The working language in the company is English (no Chinese language ability is needed), and it is important that all our staff can clearly understand you (eg. that your accent is not too strong).

We strongly value innovation in our company, and we want to find someone bright and hardworking that thinks up great solutions and works well with others. You should be culturally flexible and adapt to working in a Western company environment and adapt to working with your friendly Chinese colleagues and colleagues from countries around the world.

Our IT department has some dynamic and friendly Chinese PHP programmers who are fluent in English. But we struggle to find PHP programmers and website designers in China who are fluent in English (most can’t speak English) – hence we need to attract some talented staff from India. The main projects we are working on are an advanced directory system with multi-language translation systems (the current phase can be found here: http://www.enf.cn – but we want to develop a much more advanced site now), a multi-language jobsite, advanced internal back-end systems for our directory staff and a more advanced CRM system (using Microsoft Dynamics).


Job Details[/b]

  1. Web System development and maintenance for PV(solar power) industrial website.

  2. Multi-language management, SEO, server maintenance and internal web system for staff.

  3. Some IT supports and solutions for staff.


Key Skill Requirements[/b]

  1. A few years’ experience with PHP & MySQL (please show your projects portfolio)

  2. Be familiar with one framework at least.

  3. Knows smarty and Jquery

  4. Ajax, CSS+DIV, are preferred.

  5. Web, database optimization and large project experience are preferred.


• Salary: 4500 RMB/month

• Company Accommodation

• All official national holidays

• 15 additional holidays

• Regular activities are organised and paid for by the company

To apply please send you resume, portfolio and cover letter to india@enfsolar.com