Looking or freelance help

I’ve been running Yii2 happily for years now and have a giant repo of working stuff.
But something has gone wrong.
I am using the advanced template, and I tried to add another site, and it’s not happening for me. Some issue with asset bundles.

My fear is that years ago I made some mistake or took some shortcut.
I am at a loss here. It could be ten-minute fix if I just knew how, or maybe I need to rethink and rewrite… which of course I have no time for.

The aim is to get a sample “standard” out-of-the-box Yii site with header and NavBar going in an application folder (like frontend and backend).

I have several already, but none of them have the basic UI interface, and I realize now I have never done that before.

I’m afraid I may lose days or longer here. When all I really need is a few changes. But I am lost and running out of things to try…

What do you exactly want that freelancer to do? You have put quiet explanations but forgot to say what is the issue you want someone to help and if it is a free-lance or have some offer attached. Explaining the two will make it easier.

If you explain I can share the link with more Yii Devs to help it get visibility!

Steward, are you just trying to set up a new advanced template site? That should be a snap. Maybe it is more complicated than that?

@evstevemd , @asmythe Thank you for the replies.

If I knew exactly what the issue was, I would fix it or ask for more specific help! I wear all the hats (developer, webmaster, business owner). Jack of all trades and master of none. I apologize for my “oil spill” post and you are correct to point it out.

To clarify: I need hand-holding and consulting on a part-time freelance basis, there is no opportunity for this to work into a full-time job. Sadly, that is beyond my means. Enough work is here but enough money is not. My budget is in the range of 2K a month, and I would not want to keep that up for a long time.

I have a plan now. Step one is to bring the existing repo up to php 7.4 and Yii 2.0.45 and repair / find /fix dependencies that I need and throw away what I don’t. I am using the advanced template from around 2014. Step two is to create a simple front end, like “out of the box” Yii and ensure it works and the old code has not broken. Step three is rinse and repeat for a REST entry point.

I have seen some gitHub code for REST which makes sense to me in principle but I fall down with the details. That is https://github.com/forecho/yii2-rest-api and https://github.com/yiier/yii2-helpers.

I have a guy now and we begin with composer tomorrow, so I am set for the moment. But he is the front end man (vue), I am unsure he can take me as far as I want to go with step three.

I’m pretty easy to get along with, I pay promptly without question, and I work at almost all hours. I love Yii but lack time to immerse myself in all the gory details. My coding days are at and end (yes I am old) but I can follow patterns and have a lifetime of background in programming. It would be excellent to find a freelancer who can step in and get me going when I am stuck. And/or to help with engineering a safe/stable pattern to go forward with. The Yii plan works for me, but I will get stuck…

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That explains it well.
If you haven’t got a person yet, I can help with Yii2 stuffs on part time basis.
Drop me your email or Skype ID for further communications.
I’m based on EAT zone. I hope that works for you!

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Could you share the code on github or something similar?

Steward, I’m happy to help a bit and don’t really require remuneration, at least not to begin.

A couple of notes

  1. PHP 7.4 goes EOL at the end of this year. Since you are leaping, you might leap to 8.1; otherwise you have to leap again next year.

  2. We’ve run into a bug with Yii 2.0.45 … if you create a reference to say a parent model using an attribute not in the table, it doesn’t work. So for example if you have a client table and you want to link to it from a user table that has a client_id that works … but if you have another table with no client_id and you create another attribute, say clientId and populate that, it will not find the parent record. It was driving us crazy. Yii 2.0.46 will fix the problem, but it is not yet available. I would stick with 2.0.44 for now, definitely if you are using keys not present in a table.

  3. I’ve found REST to be pretty easy to deal with … I just following the quickstart: https://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/2.0/en/rest-quick-start

in any event, if I can be of help, I’m happy to do so.

@ricksmort No sorry, not posting my mono repo, way to much information. But thank you.

@asmythe Excellent suggestion and a great “heads up” on the bug, thank you.

I am happy to report this issue is closed. We did go all the way to php 8.1 and the rest (literally!) fell in place easily. I got some help and I am back on track.

It is very encouraging to know there is more help out there via this forum in case I do this to myself again, or need to engineer something more complex.

Thank you all very much.


Great that you managed to solve it.