Looking for Yii-Freelancer to assist with 2-3 modules

Good morning community,

I am looking for an experienced Yii-programmer to develop 2-3 modules for a small web-site. Flash-knowledge might be needed for an additional module (development t. b. d.). Location near Munich (Germany) would be great.

Following some information about the modules:

  • Small homepage-maker-tool: based on choosable templates the user can define menue-entries, use widgets (i. e. gallery, board) and add personal content. In short, similar to www.jimdo.de but less powerful

  • Communication-manager: mail-tool so users of homepage can send mails to their contacts, templatebased layout, poll-function/replay-link

  • forum with standard functionality (based on yii-blog-demo?)

Start of development: asap

Looking forward to your replies



I’m based in Pakistan. Does it work for you?

Hi max2909, i sent you a PM.



Hi raslam,

sorry for my late reply. I would prefer somebody closer to Munich (1. I am often not available and my assistant is not very fit with english and 2. I would have to translate the docs for you, what would cost some days).

Let me think about it for some days. I will send an PM if I have any idea.


Thanks & regards,