Looking For Yii Developer

Type: Full Time Min. Experience: Experienced

Type: Full Time Postion (Strictly No Freelancing/Part-Time)

Min. Experience: Experienced

Location: Your place

Green Nebula is looking to hire a senior web-developer to join our international team located wherever you are! Thats right, this is a 100% cloud based, remote position!

At Green Nebula, we work in a very agile environment, where we strive for short release cycles and are quick to adapt to new requirements and challenges from our clients. Because of this, you must be comfortable working in a dynamic environment and setting your own pace as a self managed team member. During development, each beta-release results in new ideas or requirements that needs to be prototyped and tested.

Since this position is remote, we need someone who is able to work at their own pace and manage themselves. You will be assigned tasks and it is up to you to complete them by the deadline - the number of hours you work consecutively is completely up to you, so long as the job gets delivered on time.

What you’ll do:

You will instantly be part of our development team, and starting from day one, you’ll be included in both new and existing projects, requiring you to work with all the latest tools within web development.

Required Skills:

PHP - this is the language you love, this is the environment where you feel at home. You know all the quirks of the language, and you know how to write the most optimized code. If you’re a PHP pro, we’re looking for you!

Self motivated - sure its a cliche requirement, but since this is a remote position this is 100% necessary.

Object oriented development - you must be familiar with MVC to the point where you get offended when you see code and html mixed.

Yii - you must know the Yii framework.

MySQL - you know how to take advantage of MySQL. You know its limitations and know how to best optimize your queries.

bHTML[/b] - you know what the standards are, and your (x)HTML code is top notch.

CSS - you know what you need to do to make every page cross browser compatible.

Javascript/jQuery/Ajax - you know how to build feature rich web applications

Git & Github - You must be familiar with the use of Git

English - you are experienced enough in written and spoken English to not only understand your requirements, but communicate clearly with the team as well.

Love setting your own pace?

Imagine a job that you can do in your pajamas, while eating cereal during your favorite gameshow. Or at your local coffee house or cafe, or wherever you are most comfortable and productive. We are a 5-year young web development company with a range of innovative online products. We are not your typical company and proud of it! We know that people are happiest and most efficient when they are self managed, and we love that! Even though you’ll be working from home, you can expect a fast paced and exciting work environment which stays true to our entrepreneurial roots. You won’t get frustrated with bureaucracy and slow decision making, and we encourage creative thinking!

Your Dream Job

We offer the chance to work with like-minded individuals from different cultures. Each day you come to work at login to work at Green Nebula, you will be working with a company that has the resources to get you what you need to do the best possible job, while at the same time being small and agile enough to notice you.

PLEASE NOTE: When entering in your desired salary please enter your monthly USD figure which includes taxes as you will be required to pay your own taxes from the payment we deposit to your account.

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